Monday, August 20, 2012

Simple steps to make android development enviroment

Simple steps to make android development enviroment

1): First of all go to you browser and then search "Android system Requirement".
     Because it will tell you which software version you needed actually.
     Please follow the following link:

2): Download latest JDK with JRE (JDK 7 preferably )
      Please use the following ink to download the latest JDK version:

3): Download android SDK (Software development kit)
     You must have to download the android software development kit
      use the following link to download it:

     a): Now install sofware
     b): Now install Android-platform tools (from server)
     c): Now install android SDK tools (from server)
     d): Dowonload specific required android API as you required to install

    After installation you will see the following image

4):  Now Download eclipse(Please check eclipse as per system
requirement ) version is most important thing so please check the
specific version. Please download eclipse 4.2

5): After downloading eclipse now Open eclipse as administrator and
then do following steps.

    a): Go to Help => Install New S/W
    b): Download ADT Plugin from server android.
    c): Click on "Add" Button
         Put the name "ADT Plugin"
         Now target (browse) your adt plugin zip file dont needed to
unzip the file
         Now click 'ok'
    d): Just 'check' the sdk Android option do not check the "NDK"  checkbox.
    e): follow the steps and finish.

6): Now your eclipse with restart now start working with android development.

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